Kryptos and ALAN TURING – BOMBE word -#kryptos #cia #turing #bletchleypark #scultpure #k4

Little update about the approach to solving K4.

firstly – BLETCHLEY PARK seems to be ok. I’ve found out what was the problem with B. What is more the approach is even better now since it uses another part of the Kryptos Sculpture that I didn’t use before.

secondly I couldn’t find any word before/after ALAN TURING – it seems that I finally found one that fits perfectly. The problem was that this word was not in the basic dictionary I’ve used. In summary it seems that words BOMBE, ALAN and TURING are three consecutive words.

ALAN, BERLIN, BLETCHLEY, BOMBE, CYPHER, CLOCK, HQ, PARK, TURING – if it is not a coincidence then it is more than 47 out of 97 letters deciphered. Still looking for the rest. Btw BOMBE is not the “name of the machine from WW2” I mentioned in first message.

I have also sent the message to Mr Sanborn. Unfortunately, I have received “i do not answer partial decrypts” answer.

Also answering a question (from a couple of group members) why my answers are not forwarded to the group – well I do not know. Maybe I send it to the wrong address?

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